Tag: Intergenerational

  • A Reason for Optimism

    Transitioning from a culture of fear to one of confidence and energy

  • The Discontinuities between the Generations in History

    A few gems from Sir Herbert Butterfield’s 1971 Rede Lecture at Cambridge University

  • Favorite Books of 2015

    A dozen book recommendations

  • The Ancien Régime and the Revolution

    With all the hubbub about China as of late, I thought it might be worth reading Alexis De Tocqueville’s The Ancien Régime and the Revolution (Penguin: 2008). A number of China Hands say the Party has used this book to inform their approach to domestic stability and harmony.1 I have no idea whether these assertions […]

  • Life To Come

    Sometime within the next three months I shall become a father.  So begins the last big adventure, a maelstrom of unequal parts agency and cupidity.  On the one hand lies the opportunity to help mold a decent human being, showering him1 with love, and equipping him with the values, traits, tenacity and moral fiber required to […]

  • David Bromwich and the Vanishing Art of Independent Thinking

    The intelligence is defeated as soon as the expression of one’s thoughts is preceded, explicitly or implicitly, by the little word “we.”1 Recently, in The London Review of Books, David Bromwich penned an excoriating piece on Barack Obama and the political class that had me chuckling in my chair (see “The World’s Most Important Spectator”). The writing […]

  • Vox on Millennials, Risk Aversion, Investing and Success in Life

    OMG. Millennials are idiots. They put less than half of their savings in stocks. When they’re old, they’ll subsist on a cat food diet because they were terrible investors. Reading this article on Vox.com raised my blood pressure and left me baffled/speechless.1 Conor Sen (@conorsen) asked me why, so I’ve pulled together some thoughts on why […]

  • The Reckoning

    Unsustainable economic trends will lead to populist politics and demagogues (Jan 2014) Read →