Tag: Reading

  • Globalization in the Age of American Primacy

    A syllabus for an international political economy course I developed in 2016.

  • Favorite Books of 2015

    A dozen book recommendations

  • Favorite Books of 2014

    Following the smashing success1 of last year’s post on my favorite books from 2013, I thought I’d aim for a repeat and perhaps inspire some gift ideas for the holidays. Here are 11 standouts that I remember from this year.

  • The Enduring Relevance of Thucydides

    For some reason that I will never understand, Thucydides’s History of the Peloponnesian War is not required reading for graduate students of international relations.1 I don’t know how I was handed a college degree without having read it, for that matter.

  • Favorite Books of 2013

    In light of the holiday season and year end, I thought I’d share the best books I read this year.  While most of these weren’t published in 2013—a number of them dutifully collected dust on bookshelves in no less than three apartments until they were summoned—the following eight books stand out as my favorites over…

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