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Politics & International Relations

The Reckoning

Unsustainable economic trends will lead to populist politics and demagogues.
(January 2014)

Entropy: The Defining Characteristic of Global Affairs

Markets are pricing for utopia but is tectonic change afoot?
(June 2014)

Henry Kissinger’s World Order and the Question of Universal Values

On the tension among “universal” values, world order, and U.S. power.
(January 2015)

Thoughts on James Fallows’s “Chickenhawk Nation”

In a Chickenhawk nation, policy still matters (featuring a case study on Somalia).
(December 2014)

Life & Entrepreneurship

Life to Come

Musings on becoming a father.
(January 2015)

How Will You Spend Your Energy?

An essay on life and the decision to pursue entrepreneurship.
(September 2016)

Some Reflections on Entrepreneurship and Life

A grab-bag of thoughts as I enter year three as an entrepreneur.
(September 2018)

Economics & Markets

QE & Inequality

Why Quantitative Easing increased inequality, and we knew it would ex ante.
(October 2014)

The Wealth of Nations

Who’s wealthier, a Maasai elder or your average American?
(June 2018)

The Death of Graduate School

Is Congress to blame for the “death of graduate school” or is it universities’ failure to heed price signals?
(November 2017)

Lagos: Reflections on the Epicenter of the Frontier Market Phenomenon

A visit to a city on the cusp of an inflection point.
(April 2014)

Pope Francis’s Critique of Capitalism and the Quest for the Good Life

Has free-market capitalism led to greater dignity, liberty, and opportunity, or have we become party to an economic system that now stifles them?
(December 2013)





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