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  • The Reckoning

    Unsustainable economic trends will lead to populist politics and demagogues (Jan 2014) Read →

  • Favorite Books of 2013

    In light of the holiday season and year end, I thought I’d share the best books I read this year.  While most of these weren’t published in 2013—a number of them dutifully collected dust on bookshelves in no less than three apartments until they were summoned—the following eight books stand out as my favorites over…

  • Pope Francis’s Critique of Capitalism and the Quest for the Good Life

    Last month, FT Alphaville’s Izabella Kaminska picked up a potent critique of free-market capitalism from Pope Francis’s first Apostolic Exhortation.1  I must confess, I’m not a regular reader of papal exhortations—indeed, papal pronouncements of any variety tend not to make my “to read” list2—but the snippets Kaminska selected gave me pause.

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